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sustainable luxury linen

our ethical price

directly from the artisans to your home

our ethical price

the best of sustainable luxury

5 star hotel products at a great price

What is meant by ethical price?

An ethical price is not only affordable, but stands out for its commitment to not exploiting human labor, resources and the environment. Behind an ethical price there is a deep respect and attention to the valorization of local communities and the territory. Essentially, an ethical price represents an investment in the creation of decent jobs in disadvantaged areas and a responsible distribution of resources in projects aimed at innovation and improving social well-being.


The direct selection of Qualified Suppliers allows us superior quality control.

We have direct control over the entire supply chain thanks to the absence of distributors and intermediaries.

Furthermore, fair prices strengthen and stabilize relationships with our suppliers and collaborators, and give us the opportunity to actively support and invest in certified organic materials and social and environmental initiatives.


fair price

How do we manage to offer an ethical price on such high quality products?

At Phili we proudly do things differently

We smile at life and its challenges

We have a short production chain, therefore fewer economic operators to remunerate;

We choose Certified Organic Raw Materials and quality workmanship

We do not take advantage of the customer on the final price, we believe in the quality of our products and the trust that our customers place in us

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